Attention: Heart Centered Entrepreneurs!

Who Are Ready To Bring Your Message
To Market In A Big Way!❤️🌟

SO THAT You Can Increase Your Authority, Impact, And Income!

(...All Without Having To Throw Good Money
After Bad On FaceBook Ads

🚀How Would Your Business And Life Change If You Guest Spoke On 50 Podcasts In 100 Days?🎙
And Not Just Any Podcasts. But Podcasts WITH THE PERFECT AUDIENCES.🎯

Hey friends…👋
My name's Mischa Z if we haven't officially met!

I’m writing because I have an idea brewing in my head and I can’t let it go. It’s got me SO excited.💡🤩

But it’s really “raw” right now (so please be gentle 😉 ).

Here’s the backstory…

Did you know I’ve been deeply immersed in the digital marketing world for the last three years. You could say I’m obsessed!💻🌐

Hey friends…👋
My names Mischa Z if we haven't officially met!

I’m writing because I have an idea brewing in my head and I can’t let it go. It’s got me SO excited.💡🤩

But it’s really “raw” right now (so please be gentle 😉 ).

Here’s the backstory…

Did you know I’ve been deeply immersed in the digital marketing world for the last three years. You could say I’m obsessed!💻🌐

  • ​I’ve spent over $100,000 on education, training, and masterminds.💸📚
  • I’ve started a podcast and done over 550 episodes…🎧
  • ​I've done summits.🏔️
  • ​I’ve been on countless calls of all kinds!☎️📞
  • ​I’ve met, interviewed, and talked to thousands of entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their businesses online.💼🤝
  • ​I’ve opted into 100’s of email marketing lists and studied their funnels!🔍
  • ​I saw multi million dollar brands collapse when Apple changed the rules.🍏💥
  • ​And I’ve watched people struggle to crack the marketing code with Facebook ads. Throwing good money after bad.💸😓

And then two things happened…

  • I felt the power of guest speaking!💥🗣️
  • ​I woke up to an email from my client Stacy Oliver URGENTLY telling me:📧

“Mischa, you are the one who moves the needle in my business! I pay all of these other people… but you are THE ONE that drives my revenue…💰🚀”



And how we can create a place for heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their messages to market in a big way!❤️🌟

How it works is it will take you on an influence tour!🌍🌟

Imagine a community with all the necessary resources and support 💪🔧  to take you from guest speaking on a random podcast,

To where you have guested on 50 podcasts in 100 days. All targeted with your perfect audience!😲🎯

And now you are consistently guest speaking on 2️⃣ shows per week faster than you thought possible. ⚡📆

Even if you haven’t spoken on any…

And THE MEMBERSHIP makes it:

  • Impossibly easy to GET ON shows!🎙️✅
  • Impossibly easy TO FIND those shows!🔎✅
  • ​Impossibly easy for the audience to OPT INTO YOUR STUFF!📥✅
  • Impossibly easy to know WHAT TO SAY on those shows AND WHEN TO SAY IT!🗣️✅

From there we tackle the perfect YouTube Shows📺🌟… Guest blog appearances✍️🤩… influencer partnerships🤝💫…

You get the idea!😍📹

So that you’re consistently building your network, your authority, your income. And most importantly your impact!💪🌍

No more feeling stuck in the mud 🚫🤔when it comes to growing your audience.🌱👥

Wondering “What the crap am I even doing here... Am I ever going to break through and get my message out in a big way?”🤔

Bouncing from strategy to strategy and posting on social media… AGAIN.😩

Instead you feel empowered!💪

Thinking “I’m taking the EXACT. NEXT. RIGHT. STEPS.”🚶‍♀

Executing a plan to get your message to the right audiences! 🎯

You are now, officially, amplifying your message!🔊🚀

And there are so many more benefits!😍
*🔍You will be SEO friendly.*
*📚You’re building a lasting base of content!*
*🔎You're searchable.*
*🤝You’re Building partnerships.*

OMG😱 - The leads. The sales. The impact!

Can you see the potential?

I can't stop thinking about how this community, DEDICATED to getting your messages out to your perfect audiences, could lead us to greater success in 1️⃣, 3️⃣, or even 5️⃣ years from now.

That’s what gets me excited!😆 IT’S LITERALLY KEEPING ME UP AT NIGHT!🌃

It’s the progress we would all make by staying together with such a tight focus - that’s what fires me up. 🔥

But here’s what I’m VERY clear on… I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE, and I don't have all the answers.❓❗

Currently, this idea is very rough around the edges.🌪️

It’s definitely not perfect (yet) 😅and there are many things we still need to work out.🔧💡

But the vision is there!

And that’s why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you.💌

I want you to be part of this… ESPECIALLY if you’re willing to help me shape this idea.✨

Meaning, if you join me as a founding member.

And you’re willing to help contribute ideas on how we can make this THE best place!   To support Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Like Us in getting their messages out (to their perfect audiences…)💗🌟

I’m willing to extend a very favorable 🎁“founding member” price.💸💫

When this offer goes live to the general public, I anticipate the starting price to be somewhere between $97 and $297 per month.💸

(which will be a no-brainer given that we’ll be helping people get their messages out to the perfect people!)

Here’s the BEST PART though…🎉

Join me today as a founding member and your price will be $47 per month. Locked in as long as you remain a member.🔒

So even when we do roll this out to the general public at the higher price, your price will already be LOCKED IN at $47 per month!🔏

As I said, all the details for this are not figured out yet.

Nothing has officially been created....  And I expect some of the best ideas will come from you and others who join me as a founding member.👥

I'm going to keep the founding member offer open until this Friday May 12th.
So the founding members can get started on Monday May 15th!
With the goal of officially launching Aug 1, 2023 at the higher price.📅

So between now and then, things will be happening fast and furious based on the ideas flowing back and forth between founding members.💨🔄

With all that said, what I am clear about is how this community will serve all of us as we progress towards scaling our messages! 

To our perfect audiences!🌍
Getting them Into...

  • Our landing pages!🛬
  • ​Our lists. Our coaching, our groups, our memberships.✅
  • ​Our workshops🗂webinars and challenges🖥
  • ​Our books, communities, calls, and summits📚🌐
  • Pulling them into our social media.📈📲

Our stories will be transforming the world!🌟

That’s what excites me.😆 That’s why I’m waking up early with my mind racing a million miles a minute.🌅💭

It all begins here today.🎬

And years from now we'll look back on this and say “do you remember when…”.

Join me. Become a founding member.🤝

If your interested - Simply Click The “Yes, I’m interested” button 👇👇👇 Below! 

Here’s to your success and here’s to the success of our new community!

Mischa Z...

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